Laurie Edwards-Tate and Bill Tate at the SCRC Respite20 EventLaurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO of At Your Home Familycare is featured with her husband Bill Tate in Southern Caregiver Resource Center’s “Respite 20 Challenge,” SCRC Newsletter Volume 51, Fall 2012.

Bill Tate and Laurie Edwards-Tate have been partnering with SCRC since the start more than 25 years ago. “As a homecare provider, I know firsthand the importance of support in the home,” said Laurie, President and Founder of At Your Home Familycare. “We frequently see caregivers’ own health and emotional well-being being compromised. Respite is critical.” Bill and Laurie are passionate about the mission and work of SCRC. Thank you Bill and Laurie for your commitment to family caregivers!

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