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Congratulations to Administrative Assistant, Katlyn

Congratulations to Katlyn, our invaluable Administrative Assistant who is going on maternity leave! Katlyn is wished our very best and we can’t wait until she’s back.

Welcome spring with fresh seasonal superfoods

As the darkness and cold of winter comes to an end, new life begins to flourish and revel in the expanding sunlight bringing an abundance of seasonal foods making even the local grocery market a shopper’s paradise. Some of the healthiest foods are available at this time of the year and health-conscious shoppers are eagerContinue Reading

Making a joyful noise: The beauty and sounds of birds

Springtime is almost here, and with it comes a variety of lovely birds joyfully singing in trees and building nests for their future young ones. Many species of songbirds fly northward from faraway lands imbued with migratory passion. Gracing humanity with their melodious symphonic sounds, North American songbirds call attention to the advent of springtime.Continue Reading

The promise of rebirth: Looking ahead to springtime cleaning

With spring’s promise of rebirth and new beginnings, few can deny the experience of pure joy created by seeing melting snow, blossoming leaves, or blooming flowers and hearing the sound of nature’s melody created by birdsong, croaking frogs, or the wind in the trees. Spring’s warmer days and increasingly brighter sunlight brings with the anticipationContinue Reading

SDG&E for hosting American Lung Association Leadership Board

Thank you to SDG&E for hosting our American Lung Association Leadership Board.

Proud to be on the Advisory Board of the Cancer Action Network

 “Feeling proud to be on the Advisory Board of the Cancer Action Network!”  

Meeting with leaders from the San Diego American Lung Association

It was a delightful meeting with leaders from the San Diego American Lung Association at my corporate office! Left: Rita Redaelli, Managing Director; Center: Laurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO of At Your Home Familycare; Right: Janelle Wallace, Corporate Development Manager

Proud to have this lady on my team!

So proud to have this lovely lady, Jeanette on my Team-shes a terrific employment interviewer.

Being purpose driven is good for mind, body and soul

What is your purpose in life? Finding one’s life purpose gives meaning to existence and the motivation to create goals which accomplish it. It is what makes us reach for the stars! Researchers are finding that having a higher purpose in life, extending beyond mere day-to-day survival, has major health benefits and could also provideContinue Reading

February is Heart Health Month: Give your heart some love

Valentine’s Day may be over, but your ticker still needs some loving care. A human heart requires nurturing, attention and care if it is to be healthy and fully functioning. Heart disease is the number one killer of both women and men in the United States. According to the United States Department of Health andContinue Reading