Full license status from the California Department of Social Services - HCO Number 374700002

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AYHF licensed by California Dept. of Social Services

At Your Home Familycare is Fully Licensed by the California Department of Social Services.


August 11, 2017-At Your Home Familycare Day!

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On this day August 11th 2017 the San Diego County Board of Supervisors declared by proclamation that today is At Your Home Familycare Live Well San Diego Day!
With Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, and to the right Acting Director, Aging and Independence Services, Chuck Matthews.


Certificate of recognition, Senator Joel Anderson for “unyielding commitment to improving the lives and health of our community through your exemplary leadership…”


Certificate of Recognition: Assemblywoman Marie Waldron: “in honor of Live Well San Diego Partner”

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Proud to have this lady on my team!


So proud to have this lovely lady, Jeanette on my Team-shes a terrific employment interviewer.

At Your Home Familycare and Southern Caregiver Resource Center celebrate 8 yrs.

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At Your Home Familycare is proud to be a Year Round Corporate Partner of Southern Caregiver Resource Center for an 8th consecutive year!

( Pictured Left and far right SCRC Executive Director Roberto Velasquez and staff person Malea Santos; center is Laurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO At Your Home Familycare)

The truth about breast cancer: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


One out of 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.

To put this phenomenon in perspective, walk down the street of a typical neighborhood and count out 8 dwellings. Residing in one of them will be a woman who will become stricken with breast cancer.

As the most common form of cancer in women, striking women of all ages, National Breast Cancer Awareness is the ideal time to bring this epidemic to the fore.

In his 2016 Presidential Proclamation, Barack Obama had this to say:

“During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we honor all those who lost their lives to breast cancer, and we recognize the courageous survivors who are still fighting for it. For these individuals, and for their loved ones who give their unwavering support during the most trying times, we recommit ourselves to the essential and necessary work of forging a future free from cancer in all its forms.”

Read more on Laurie’s column at LifeCycles in the Communities Digital News

At Your Home Familycare receives California Full License Status

Congratulations to At Your Home Familycare for being among the first select group of non-medical home care aide organizations in California to receive Full License Status from the Department of Social Services!



San Diego Chapter of the American Lung Association

“Meeting Janell Wallace, Development Manager, Corporate for the American Lung Association San Diego Chapter at our corporate headquarters was a sincere pleasure, and we are pleased to be working with the Lung Association to potentially develop a partnership,” states Laurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO of At Your Home Familycare.


California Department of Social Services Approved

Laurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO of At Your Home Familycare is pleased to announce that her firm has been approved by the California Department of Social Services to legally operate in the State of California.

According to Edwards-Tate: “At Your Home Familycare is among a select number of home care organizations in California which opted to complete a full license application. We wish to thank the DSS for recognizing us as a quality provider of non-medical in-home care which helps to keep seniors, disabled, developmentally disabled and Veterans safely and independently in their own homes. We anticipate announcing our full licensed status soon.”

CAHSAH Action Alert June 12, 2014

CAHSAH_logoE-Alert | June 12, 2014

AB 1863 (Jones) Amended

Second Round of Calls & Letters

The DRA Licensure Bill, AB 1863 (Jones), is set to be heard in the Senate Human Services Committee on June 24 at 1:30 PM in the State Capitol.

Recent amendments have not addressed our concerns regarding the bill’s lack of consumer protections and CAHSAH maintains its âOppose Unless Amendedâ position on this measure.

It is critical that we advocate our opposition to the amended version of this measure prior to the hearing. Please contact all members of the Senate Human Services Committee (listed below) and ask that they vote “NO” on AB 1863 unless it is further amended to include real consumer protections.

In addition to calling, please fax a letter of opposition on AB 1863 to your Senate Member’s office. If you are faxing a letter, please also fax a copy to CAHSAH’s Policy Director, Jennifer Gabales at (916) 641-5881 to ensure that it is included in the bill’s analysis. CAHSAH will hand deliver a packet of member opposition letters to the Committee office on June 16.

A sample opposition letter can be accessed here




Member – District – Party – Room – Phone – Fax

Senator Jim Beall (Chair) (http://senate.ca.gov/sd15) 15, D‚ 2068, (916) 651-4015, (916) 266-9350

Senator Tom Berryhill (Vice Chair) (http://senate.ca.gov/sd14) 14, R‚ 3076, (916) 651-4014, (916) 651-4914

Senator Mark DeSaulnier (http://senate.ca.gov/sd07) 7‚ D‚ 5035‚ (916) 651-4007‚ (916) 651-4907

Senator Carol Liu (http://senate.ca.gov/sd25) 25, D, 5097‚ (916) 651-4025‚ (916) 651-4925

Senator Mark Wyland (http://senate.ca.gov/sd38) 38, R‚ 4048‚ (916) 651-4038, (916) 651-4938

Thank you for your prompt response to this important Action Alert.

Action alert from Southern Caregiver Resource Center

SouthernCaregivers-logoA special action alert from our friends and colleagues at Southern Caregiver Resource Center!

Action Alert Update:
Need Calls to Key Budget Conference Committee Members
June 3-5, 2014

Click here to see the full action alert »