IMG_0606Laurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO of At Your Home Familycare presents the topic, Healthy Aging, to residents of Grossmont Gardens

On March 21, 2013, Laurie Edwards-Tate presented “Healthy Aging” as the featured speaker for Grossmont Gardens’ 50th Anniversary Event, and it is located in La Mesa, California.  Edwards-Tate is among several vetted speakers on behalf of AIS Caregiver Coalition of San Diego, and Healthy Aging is one of her topics. Edwards-Tate was honored to be chosen by the Coalition to speak that day.

According to Edwards-Tate:  “It was fun and rewarding being a guest speaker at Grossmont Gardens. Their residents and staff were delightful, and the garden-like environment quite welcoming.”

Congratulations to Grossmont Gardens for being a safe and restful home base for so many senior citizens for over 50 years!

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