IMG_0656Laurie Edwards-Tate, President and CEO of At Your Home Familycare, is grateful and pleased to announced that her beloved family dog, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, O’Connor, and oftentimes company mascot, turned a “barking” 14 on May 21st.

According to Edwards-Tate: “My family and I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful, extraordinary family member as our little, spirited terrier.  Our joy was overshadowed, however, by his recent diagnosis of a small meningioma tumor on his frontal lobe just days following his joyful birthday. We fully intend to make the most of our remaining time with our beloved family member.”

Meningoma is a common form of cancer common in dogs, and in O’Connor’s case, there is hope because of early diagnosis.  With diagnostics such as MRI’s, and a variety of treatment options, there are opportunities to eradicate or slow down the growth of a tumor process.

“O’Connor’s well-being and quality of life is foremost to our family,” says Edwards-Tate.  “We wish to express our appreciation to our veterinary clinic, VCA North Coast Animal Hospital, Encinitas, for their exceptional emergency room care.  And, for the extraordinary expertise of  the Veterinary Speciality Hospital in San Diego who provided us with an immediate diagnosis, and who will continue O’Connor’s appropriate course of treatment.”

We would appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers.  And, please give an extra, huge hug to your own “best friend”.

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