Dear Community Friend:

Do you feel as I do? Astounded that the holidays are upon us! Where has this year gone. And soon we will be ringing in a new year.

During this coming Thanksgiving season, those among us who are fortunate and blessed will likely be sharing this tradition with family and friends — and in a variety of meaningful ways.

Thanksgiving literally means “the act or occasion of giving thanks….”

And all of us at At Your Home Familycare are thankful for you!

We are truly thankful for the honor and responsibility of serving our community. Through collaboration and caring, we endeavor the daunting task of serving those who are aged or disabled. Our mutual goal is the enrichment of the quality of their lives.

As we earnestly celebrate this Thanksgiving season, may we be grateful for the synergy which has brought us together in a life of service.

Happiness and blessings!
Laurie Edwards-Tate
President and CEO


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