Healthcare, as we all know, encompasses doctors, nurses and other various medical practitioners and professionals.

However, in the field of Home Care, the fastest growing industry is that of the paraprofessional, Home Care Aide, whose work is characterized as “non-medical”, and social in nature.

Home Care Aides provide assistance with the functions of daily living which may become progressively more difficult to accomplish as a result of aging, disease, and/or disability. With the goal of helping a client to remain independent and at home, Home Care Aides may provide respite care, meal preparation, shopping, environmental services, assistance with bathing and grooming, and other similar non-medical services in the home. In addition, a caring bond of friendship may develop between the recipient of care, and the Home Care Aide. The Home Care Aide plays a vital role in helping the care recipient maintain independence, dignity, safety, and security, in the comfort of his/her home, and for as long as possible- services which are part of the long-term care continuum.

It is crucial that the Home Care Aide be caring, empathetic, reliable, and mature- all personal qualities. Additionally, the ability to be patient and flexible, ensuring that the care recipient be both respected and valued, is foremost to the success of this relationship.

Though licensure is not requred in California, some responsible organizations choose to voluntarily become certified by CAHSAH. Home Care Aide agencies vary in their employment criteria, employment practices, and client populations served. Additionally, some agencies may require training, or provide it, as preparation to appropriately serve their special client populations. It is important for you to feel that your personal values are in alignment with the mission of the company you choose to work for.

With an anticipated escalation of aging baby boomers, the fact most of us are living longer, and the projected shortage of healthcare workers, the Home Care Aide Industry provides an excellent opportunity for the entry-level healthcare worker, a person desiring a flexible schedule, an empty-nester, or an active retired person. This industry will continue to evolve to meet future growth in aging and disabled populations, and it is believed will provide the Home Care Aide with an abundance of professional growth and opportunity.

Written by:
Laurie Edwards-Tate, MS, President
Home Care Aide Executive for over 25 years

For Employment Information: 877.903.JOBS (5627)

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  1. I am a consultant that specilaizes in self esteem training for adult women and youth and because of the economy I am out of work and I just read your web page and first of all I am happy that you offer this service and I love caring for others and would welcome the opportunty to work for you all! To care for a needy child is a blessing because it takes the right person with the right heart for what they like to do and this would be a great match for me…keep up the good work! Congrats on Your Award…

  2. laurie says:

    Dear La Glenda:

    Very sorry regarding your prior job!! Times truly are difficult.

    You are invited to call our Human Resources Department at: 858 625-0406 (ask for HR and you will be directed).

    We are an equal opportunity employer.

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