Laurie Edwards-Tate Joins Countywide Transportation InitiativeLaurie Edwards-Tate, MS, President and Founder of At Your Home Familycare, was named to the Full Access Coordination Transportation (FACT) board of directors. Her three-year term begins on November 18, 2009.

FACT’s mission is to create a transportation system that will provide access and mobility for all people in San Diego County by coordinating existing resources, creating partnerships that eliminate barriers, accessing additional sources of funding, and augmenting existing resources, and developing alternative models of transportation.

FACT is governing by a five member board, assisted by a five member Technical Advisory Committee. FACT was incorporated in 2006 as a nonprofit organization with the goal of creating a mobility management center in San Diego County.

“FACT’s mission of providing coordinated transportation services for seniors and the disabled is praiseworthy. This is something I have made a priority for my own company for 25 years,” said Edwards-Tate. “Transit agencies are struggling with budget cuts while the demand for specialized transportation is rising at the same time.

“Mobility equals independence in our society. FACT can make a huge difference by coordinating services and identifying other agencies that can step in to help. Finding solutions together is far more efficient and provides better service to members of the senior, disabled and low-income communities we strive to serve, and it is an honor to contribute to this goal as a member of the FACT board of directors,” Edwards-Tate said.

The senior population in San Diego County is expected to hold steady at 12% of the overall population through 2030. There are clusters of seniors, including Del Mar and Solana Beach in the North County. In addition, the disabled population is estimated at approximately 12% countywide. Some North County cities have disabled populations that exceed 20% including Vista, Escondido, and Oceanside. This is why FACT has decided to establish its pilot project in the North County region.

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