(photo by Sutton Porter/courtesy of Laurie Edwards-Tate)

(photo by Sutton Porter/courtesy of Laurie Edwards-Tate)

Bringing you the heart of the matter in LifeCycles by Laurie Edwards-Tate-all about MS.

Multiple Sclerosis affects approximately 400,000 Americans. 200 individuals are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) every week in the U.S., and 2.5 million individuals worldwide are afflicted with this incurable neurological disease.

It is estimated that three times more women are stricken with MS than men, a discrepancy that is believed to likely be due to estrogen.

Shining the light on this debilitating disease is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which has chapters all over the United States. One such chapter is the outstanding Pacific Coast Chapter located in San Diego, California.

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