(image via pixabay)

(image via pixabay)

Bunnies are easily trained to perform minor tricks, even to use a litter box. They make loving, quiet and adorable pets with a potential lifespan of 7, 10 or more years, making the lure of giving children an adorable live Easter bunny is easy to understand.

There is great potential for an Easter bunny to become a wonderful member of a loving family. All that said, however, parents must proceed with great caution when considering buying a live bunny for their son or daughter’s Easter basket.

As with most pets, the novelty of a new pet declines once the work begins. While they seem placid and easy-going, rabbits can be difficult and expensive to properly care for, and, just as kittens become cats, that baby bunny soon becomes an ever-growing adult.

The naturally timid nature of a domesticated bunny can also be problematic for children who might not be patient in letting their cottontails adapt to their new home. Remember, rabbits can’t yelp, bark or meow when distressed.

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