(image via wikimedia/Neil Conway)

(image via wikimedia/Neil Conway)

Bringing you the heart of the matter in LifeCycles by Laurie Edwards-Tate-all about apples.

Halloween and the abundance of healthy apples come hand in hand. With its early roots in the Celtic celebration of Samhain, Halloween revelers would dance around roaring bonfires wearing scary costumes designed to ward off ghosts.

Today, Americans enjoy modern-day Halloween celebrations such as trick-or-treating, dressing in Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, participating in school festivities and enjoying private parties.

And crunchy delicious caramel apples and baked apples are favorite Halloween treats!

Apples Health Benefits are many

For those who are health conscious, apples are a great choice as the main ingredient for your Halloween desserts. They are a wonderfully delicious fall fruit and are abundant in grocery stores, whole foods markets, farmer’s markets and outdoor fruit stands.

Rich in vitamin C and high in fiber, it is thought that the old adage, “an apple a day,” may have basis in truth as they come with many health benefits.  It is now thought that apples are also helpful in staving off dementia and providing blood sugar stabilization for those with diabetes.

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