(screenshot via YouTube/The White House)

(screenshot via YouTube/The White House)

Bringing you the heart of the matter in LifeCycles by Laurie Edwards-Tate–all about Christmas trees.

For many, the day after Thanksgiving is spent looking for the perfect Christmas Tree. According to The National Tree Association, it is estimated that Americans purchase 25 to 30 million trees each year.

Americans have been enjoying decorating their homes with fragrant pine trees at Christmastime for decades. Households across the country will collectively spend approximately $984 million on Christmas trees, according to Nielsen Research reports published in Visually.

Christmas trees slowly became popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, when German and Scandinavian peoples placed evergreen trees outside or inside their homes each winter in celebration of the season and the promise of a fruitful spring.

In the 1800s, German settlers brought their traditions with them to the United States.

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