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The advent of spring on March 19th signifies the rebirth and renewal of life. Inherent in living things is the ability to regenerate and overcome changes. Always resiliently coming back into life after any of the many setbacks we may encounter. Birdsong is the first herald of our annual rebirth.

In spring, nature becomes green again. Even after destructive fires; new life is created which procreates many different species of plant, insect and animal life.

One glorious advent which signifies springtime is the escalating, resounding sound from our bird kingdom. The melodious birdsong greeting us in the morning as we wake. Nature’s symphony delights and soothes the human soul, reminding us that we are not alone and very much a part of a finely tuned life and global experience.

There is no better time than now to take stock of the beautiful world around us than at a time when Coronavirus 19 is threatening human life with either illness or death. In fact, it is threatening our very existence, our daily habits and our way of life with a sense of uncertainty and sometimes fear.

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