(photo by Sutton Porter/courtesy of Laurie Edwards-Tate)

(photo by Sutton Porter/courtesy of Laurie Edwards-Tate)

Peaches, plums and apricots are a beautiful sight to behold at any local grocer or farmer’s market.

The inspirational advent of spring brings a variety of glorious bounties from Mother Nature.

In addition to the springtime presence of an eclectic array of experiences, including frogs croaking, melodious birdsongs and colorful budding flowers, the season also provides a healthful selection of seasonal fruits.

Apricots are a golden yellow hue and are brimming with vitamin A. Additionally they contain potassium, protein and fiber.

Peaches are softly fuzzy and sweet, attracting eager buyers with their peachy hue. They contain vitamin A, potassium, protein and fiber.

Plums are a rich purplish color and contain vitamin A, potassium and small amounts of fiber.

What’s more, peaches, plums and apricots are all low in calories and contain fiber and sodium. They are also cholesterol-free.

There is much to appreciate and enjoy when a springtime recipe includes all of these spectacular fruits as main ingredients, ensuring a rich, delicious dessert that is also healthy.

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