(image via flickr:ERIC SALARD)

(image via flickr:ERIC SALARD)

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Approximately 2.7% of America’s national gross domestic product (GDP) is due to travel and tourism. The U.S. Travel Association highlights that figure in its 2016 annual travel report. To help you plan, enjoy and survive your next trip, here are two useful travel stats and a pair of important travel tips to make your adventure a successful one.

Top 5 reasons to travel to the U.S.

Among its numerous travel stats, the U.S. Travel Association report cites five primary reasons why both domestic and foreign travelers come to the United States. Few, if any, will be a surprise to seasonsed travelers. Here’s that short list:

Fine dining
National parks/monuments
Amusement/theme parks

Travel stats tell us that travel is a Top 10 Industry in most American states, generating millions of jobs.

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