Ukrainan folk dance screenshot via YouTube/Metelitsa Kirovohrad

Ukrainan folk dance screenshot via YouTube/Metelitsa Kirovohrad


Bringing you the heart of the matter in LifeCycles by Laurie Edwards-Tate.

The country of Ukraine, as of this writing and publication, is embroiled in an onslaught of hate and madness brought about by the Russian government that cannot abide with peace nor acceptance of the desire for freedom.

Outnumbered in troops, armament, and many forms of defense, the Ukrainian people are fighting for their very lives, homeland, and democratic way of life with the odds for success seemingly against them.

Ukraine is the second-largest European Country.

And it contributes some of the highest amounts of titanium, wheat, sugar beets, sunflower oil, natural gas and petroleum products produced world-wide.

A peaceful, joyful, and creative people, Ukrainians declared their independence in 1918; and, later officially adopted independence in 1990 by the Declaration of State Sovereignty by parliamentary process.

The Ukrainian unfortunate plight is being watched throughout the global community with sadness, disbelief and awe that any peoples could display such extreme courageousness and determination; and, relentless refusal to ever give up.

The beauty within this horrific event is witnessing the heart and soul of those who would give up their lives for their right to be free and live in a democracy.  Ask yourself, could you so easily walk away from your home with only what you can carry?

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